AIAA Student Membership

AIAA welcomes student participants to the Region III Student Conference. Students must join AIAA to be eligible to compete in the conference. To join AIAA, please go to and click on "Become a Student Member". Student membership is only $25 USD.

Questions about AIAA? Please contact Rachel Dowdy at



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Important Dates

Registration Opens: 

January 1, 2018

Regular Registration Closes: 

April 1, 2018

Abstract Deadline: EXTENSION

March 11, 2018 11:59pm CST

Technical Report Deadline: 

March 31, 2018 11:59pm CST


April 13-14, 2018
AIAA Author Kit

Your paper should be prepared according to AIAA Manuscript Preparation Kit. Please note that the paper can be no longer than 11 pages single column because this is a student competition. Masters Competition papers may have up to two student authors and list one faculty advisor as co-author.

Information for authors and a template can be found on the AIAA website, Author Resources.

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AIAA Region III Student Conference

Step 1: Register for the conference

Any person planning to attend the conference must complete this step, even if you are not actually presenting at the conference.  

  1. If you have not already done so, join the national AIAA organization. You can become an AIAA member here, it's easy! Then, return to this page. 
  2. See the "Important Dates" menu (on the right) to find the conference registration opening and closing dates. Please register on time - this information will be used to organize tours, dinners, and determine funding levels for the conference. 
  3. Navigate to My Registration to register to attend the conference.
    1. In the "Membership Number" field, put your AIAA membership number. If you have not yet received your number you may return to this site later to edit.
    2. Although the registration form may request information regarding your Social Security Number, the conference DOES NOT require this information from you.
    3. You may at this time submit information regarding your presentation. If you do not have this information at the time of your registration then simply click the "Continue" button - you may return at a later date to submit this additional information.
  4. Return to this page. 

Step 2: Add Presentation Information

Lead contacts in all categories should complete this step.

  1. Navigate to My Registration again. Click the tab called "Presentations." 
  2. Click the "Add Presentation" link and fill out all the fields.
    1. Choose a category: undergraduate, graduate, or team.Designate a lead contact (i.e., one person to register the paper and/or presentation) if there is more than one author of the research. NOTE: review the Conference Rules to determine what category your presentation best fits. Note in particular the constraints regarding number of authors. IMPORTANT: Make sure you register in the CORRECT Category. Specifically, if you are submitting a team presentation, DO NOT register in the undergraduate category! 
    2. You may at this time copy your abstract text into the text box that appears at the bottom of the page. Please follow the guidelines in STEP 3 below. If you do not have this information at this time you may continue without submitting the abstract.
    3. IMPORTANT: You are not actually submitting a PowerPoint presentation or anything similar at this step - bring that with you to the conference. All you are doing is filling out the form so the conference organizers can plan the conference. 
    4. IMPORTANT: You must complete this step by the stated deadline - your manuscript will not be eligible for scoring until this process is completed!

Step 3: Submit an Abstract

  1. Follow the guidelines in the AIAA Author Kit to prepare an abstract. 
    1. Remember, all submission categories (undergraduate, graduate, and team) must complete this step. Your abstract will be evaluated to determine that your work is appropriate for inclusion into the conference. 
  2. The lead contact should: 
    1. Navigate to My Registration again. Click the tab called "Presentations."
    2. Look for your presentation information highlighted in yellow in the appropriate conference category. Click on the "Edit Presentation" button to copy your abstract into the available text box. 
    3. Click "Continue" and return to this page.

    Note: all categories require an abstract, including the team category. Please note the Abstract Due Date

Step 4: Submit Research Manuscript

Lead contacts must complete this step;

  1. After your abstract has been approved by the Student Conference Committee Chair, lead contacts can upload the full manuscript by navigating to My Registration again. Click the tab called "Presentations." 
    Notes: Manuscripts are required for all categories. Papers are limited to 11 pages, single-spaced. If you do not follow this guideline (as well as the others set forth in the AIAA Author Kit) your paper risks disqualification. Please note the Due Dates for submitting papers.